Come browse the nursery where we carry a wide variety of native and adapted landscape plants including:

       We have a full line of garden products including organics, fertilizers, tools, and more!
-Liquid seaweed
-Liquid fish
-Nelson Tree, Flower, 
and Plant Food
-Soil Activator
-Root Activator
-Worm Castings
-Dried molasses
-Tomato and Pepper Food
-Rocket Fuel
-Ladybug tm John's Recipe
-Palm Tone
-Orange Oil
-Tomato and Blossom Set
-Texas Tee 6-2-4
-Corn Gluten Meal
-Corn Meal
-Ladybug 8-2-4
-Medina Growin' Green

Soil Amendments:
-Soil Sulphur
-Dusting wettable sulphur
-Expanded Shale
-Lava Sand
-Dried molasses
-Cow manure
-Chicken manure
-Pelletized Gypsum
-Cottonseed meal
-Ammonium Sulphate

-Hi-Yield Killz All
-Earthtone 4 in 1
-Crabgrass Killer
-Rock Phosphate
-Horticultural Vinegar

Pest Control/Pesticides:
-Orange Oil
-Granular and Liquid Molasses
-Diatomaceous Earth
-Diatomacous Earth (foodgrade)
-Fireant Insecticide
-Monterey Bt(Bacillus Thuringiensis)
-Sluggo Plus
-Safer Soap
-Tree and Shrub Systemic Insect Control
-Fertilome Come 'n Get it Fireant Killer
Neem Oil
-BiCarb Old 
Fashioned Fungicide
-Granular Micorrhizae
-Zinc Plus
-Rot Stop
-Fungonoil Fungicide
-Neem oil spray
-Liquid Copper Fungicide
Animal Repellants:
-Armadillo Repellant
-Deer Repellant
-Dog and Cat Repellant
-Squirrel Repellant

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