We carry a full line of soils for your gardening and landscape needs.
Our soil blends are mixed on-site, in correct proportions for the optimum vitality of your plants. 
Soil Prices 
all measurements are in cubic yards
or ~40 lb bags

Farmer's Nursery Garden Mix- A mixture blended specifically for the central Texas area. Includes: Loam, Compost, Decomposed Granite, Pine Mulch Grower's Mix.
$59.00/yard or $5.00/bag

Farmer's Nursery Super Garden MixThis mix has it all! We take our Garden mix soil about 5 steps further with the addition of Cotton Seed meal, Greensand and much more.
$75.00/yard or $8.00/ bag

Topdress MixScreened Compost, Sand, Loam and Granite. Apply to lawns for additional soil and nutrients. 
$50.00/yard or $5.00/bag

Landscape Mix-Great for new sod planting, ornamentals, shrubs, and low spots in lawns. 
$38.00/yard or $4.50/bag

Mushroom CompostA really nice organic compost. This dark, rich compost is delivered directly from the Kitchen's Pride mushroom canning facility in Gonzalez, TX.
$50.00/yard or $5.00/bag

Cotton Burr Compost- A fine, rich screened compost and soil conditioner. Perfect for Topdressing Lawns and Landscapes.*BACK IN STOCK - bag only*
 $11.99/2 cu.ft. bag

Dillo Dirt tm-  A recycled sewage product from the City of Austin. Can be used to topdress lawns, shrubs and trees- a great source of organic material for your landscape.
$45.00/yard or $5.00/bag

Screened Chocolate LoamBasic Soil- Used for Fill Material or Garden Soil base.
$30.00/yard or $4.00/bag

Gravel/River Rock- 3-5", 1 1/2" or 3/8"(Pea Gravel)         
$55.00/yard or $4.50/bag

Crushed Granite- Otherwise known as decomposed granite. Great for pathways, this finely crushed granite is screened to 1/4" and less and makes a great addition to soil mixes for its excellent mineral quality.
$50.00/yard or $4.50/bag

Fairland Pink GraniteA beautiful gravel mulch.                                         
$50.00/yard  or $4.50/bag

Masonry Sand-Used to level lawns or for mortar mix.
$53.00/yard or $4.50/bag

Road Base- Limestone and powder mix, packs down well for driveways      
$31/cu.yd.(bulk only)

1-Step Mulch- Add Compost while you mulch! Ideal for trees and shrubs. A real time saver.
$50.00/yard or $5.00/bag

Texas Native Hardwood Mulch- Great for keeping out weeds and retaining water.        
$45.00/yard or $3.75/bag

Texas Native Hardwood Mulch, Black Label​Dyed Black mulch makes flowers look brighter and lawns look greener.
$55/yard or $4.25/bag

Square Foot Garden Mix- Based on the book, Square Foot Gardening, by Mel Bartholomew from Rodale Press, this soil is for starting small yet intensive raised-garden beds.
$400/cu.yd. or $18.00/bag

Farmer's Choice Potting soil - *Made to order* - High quality potting and seed starting medium, contains compost, peat moss, vermiculite and other great amendments.
$115/yard or $8.99/bag

Rose Mix- Made for all acid-loving plants. Contains soil sulphur, compost, screened loam, and sand. *in bulk made to order, please call ahead*
$55.00/yard or $6.00 bag

All of our soils are available in easy-to-handle bags - please see prices below.
We are a City Of Austin registered Dillo Dirt Vendor.
Click on the Dillo for more information on this natural, recycled, compost product.
All soils are available year-round for pick up (daily) 
 delivery (Saturdays only)
We will happily load your truck 
or trailer for you!