We carry a full line of soils for your gardening and landscape needs.
Our soil blends are mixed on-site, in correct proportions for the optimum vitality of your plants. 
Our Soils: 

Farmer's Nursery Super Garden Mix- This mix has it all! We take our Garden mix soil about 5 steps further with the addition of Cotton Seed meal, Greensand and much more.

Farmer's Nursery Garden Mix- A mixture blended specifically for the central Texas area. Includes: Loam, Compost, Decomposed Granite, Pine Mulch Grower's Mix

Topdress MixScreened Compost, Sand, Loam and Granite. Apply to lawns for additional soil and nutrients. 

Landscape Mix-Great for new sod planting, ornamentals, shrubs, and low spots in lawns. 

Mushroom CompostA really nice organic compost. This dark, rich compost is delivered directly from the Kitchen's Pride mushroom canning facility in Gonzalez, TX.

Cotton Burr Compost- A fine, rich screened compost and soil conditioner. Perfect for Topdressing Lawns and Landscapes.
*bag only*

Dillo Dirt tm-  A recycled sewage product from the City of Austin. Can be used to topdress lawns, shrubs and trees- a great source of organic material for your landscape.

Screened Chocolate LoamBasic Soil- Used for Fill Material or Garden Soil base.

Gravel/River Rock3-5", 1 1/2" or 3/8"(Pea Gravel)         

Crushed Granite- Otherwise known as decomposed granite. Great for pathways, this finely crushed granite is screened to 1/4" and less and makes a great addition to soil mixes for its excellent mineral quality.

Fairland Pink GraniteA beautiful gravel mulch.                                         

Masonry Sand-Used to level lawns or for mortar mix.

Road Base- Limestone and powder mix, packs down well for driveways      

Texas Native Hardwood MulchGreat for keeping out weeds and retaining water.        

Texas Native Hardwood Mulch, Black Label​Dyed Black mulch makes flowers look brighter and lawns look greener.

Farmer's Choice Potting soil - *Made to order* - High quality potting and seed starting medium, contains compost, peat moss, vermiculite and other great amendments.

Rose Mix- Made for all acid-loving plants. Contains soil sulphur, compost, screened loam, and sand. *in bulk made to order, please call ahead*

We are a City Of Austin registered Dillo Dirt Vendor.
Click on the Dillo for more information on this natural, recycled, compost product.
All soils are available year-round for pick up (daily) 
 delivery (Saturdays only)

This list replaces all previous lists.
Prices subject to change without notice.