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      Our grass is cut fresh to order to ensure excellent quality for you. For this reason, we schedule our grass truck for arrival at our nursery on Fridays. We can deliver your order on Friday or it will be available for pick up at our location in Leander. Please place your order early in the week or even the week before to hold your place on our truck because the truck tends to fill up fast! 
Due to sod being a perishable product, all sod orders are prepaid at the time the order is placed and are non-refundable. Sod orders should be picked up and installed as soon as possible for the best results. 
Prices may vary based on season, availability, etc.
To order call: (512) 259-4111
We have many varieties of sod available year round. Whether your yard has sun or shade we will help you find the best quality grass available. All grass is cut to order so it is fresh and green from the farm to you. If you would like to pick up, it can easily be loaded into your truck with a forklift, or delivered to your home (rates apply).

 All pallets cover approx. 450 Sq. Ft.(50 Sq. Yds.) and have approximately 160 pieces.
Each pallet weighs roughly 2,000 lbs.

St. Augustine- Good shade tolerance, less drought tolerant,  and a popular type of wide bladed sod.  Also called "carpet grass". Varieties include Raleigh, occasionally Palmetto is available. 
May 1, 2021
         Due to this Winter's extreme freezing weather as well as high seasonal demand,                 St. Augustine sod is currently unavailable. We are working with our suppliers and hope to have it available in approximately 6-8 weeks.

Bermuda- Multiple varieties available including Tifway 419, Common, and Celebration. Bermuda has good drought tolerance, excellent wearability, but requires full sun. 

Zoysia- Palisade (wide blade) and Cavalier (thin blade), nicest for play area, grows slowly, drought tolerant, full sun to moderate shade.
Soil note: We recommend a minimum of 4-6 inches of soil (existing or added) for sod- especially in sunny areas. See our soils page for more about our soil mixes.